Start selling your products and services in Russia

Are you a company that wants to enter the Russian market, but does not know where to start? Do you have a product that can be sold on the Russian market, but theprocess of finding buyers is too complicated? I will help to bring your product to the market and get a stable flow of orders.

Who is my offer for?

It is relevant for companies that sell wholesale and it is important to find distributors, whole sale buyers and resellers. It is also suitable for retail companies with an average check of $ 800

How much does it cost?

I offer a unique service of complex packing of your business, with payment only for result. I will develop a trade offer, prepare for you a website, advertising, CRM system, set up telephony and will represent your interests in the territory of the Russian Federation. You pay only for real Customers who comes from me. In fact, you risk nothing. No need to pay to employees, for creating a website and the work of marketing specialist. Get it for free and pay only for successful applications.

Who are we?

We are a company IMA Agency, which specialize in attracting Customers with pay per applications (lead generation). At the heart of this is a bunch of selling website landing page and contextual advertising. As well as catching upretargeting company and CRM marketing.

We already have experience in attracting clients for accounting services, construction of private houses, licensing, furniture sales, lending, rental of premises, sale of luxury real estate, sale of trucks, sale of racehorses, medical chairs and accessories, construction of exhibition equipment, kindergartens, ceilings and plastic windows, sites for investors, franchise of beer bars and slot machines, Segways and electric bicycles, electrical equipment for cars and many other business niches.

We know the mentality and ways to reach the Russian consumer. Prompt effective option, how exactly to start selling in Russia. Do you want to attract more Russian potential Customers to your website? We will prepare a customized version of marketing your website and you will be able to count on local clients.

You will get 5 marketing tips to expand your business to Russia and succeed. Find out how does e-Commerce look like, how it differs in Russia and ways to attract Russianbusiness Customers. We will tell you what you need to know to sell online and howto get more Customers in Russia.

Get legal ways to start a business in Russia if you are a foreigner

Get useful marketing tips. We know 7 things Russians expect to see on your website andtherefore we will be able to find for you new Customers.

You don’t need to wait until your site and your offer will enter the top search engines. We will set up a flow of quality applications and customers through contextual advertising. In this case, you will not even pay for the advertising budget. All payment will be only for the quality applications and the sold goods!

Get local factors and sales techniques. We will help to establish the export a product to Russia.

Address: Москва, пр-д Серебрякова, д.14, стр.15

Do you want to increase profits? Get an audit of your website and advertising!

Let’s do a site analysis, show how to increase conversion through selling offers and capture forms. Let’s prepare the analysis of contextual and targeted advertising, fix the errors and specify the growth points!

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