Marketing Agency Online of a full cycle in Moscow

We are the complete and comprehensive agency in Moscow of the marketing of any kind, where the output you get is measured by your profit and sales.

The attraction of customers and internet sales increase

Start of multiple channels to attract customers + analytics

The AD channel bringing the most of profit with the maximum investment return

The constant source of orders

The clients of competitors and those who left not buying your service

The agency on internet automating your business processes

Get your result

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    Marketing Agency IMA

    We are always in touch, holding deadlines and such. In our team we’ve got:

    • Copywriting specialist doing the unique concepts of websites
    • The talented designer creating adaptive websites and leading the social media with fantastic posts
    • Landing page designer as well as the multiple pages site and online stores creator
    • Context and banners Ads at Google Ads and Yandex.Direct
    • SEO promotion of website in search consoles for the free traffic website visits
    • Targeted Ads on Instagram, Facebook and

    Your business gets a number of

    By ordering our service it is important to guarantee the investment works, and not only trying different tools and test hypothesis of any kind.

    Marketing agency will definitely find the right spots for reaching the output you want.

    0 days

    is enough to start up the project


    Ads channels are available on the start from scratch


    new projects per month

    0 $

    is the avg. cost of promotion

    What do we offer?

    We are happy to offer you several things that can be useful in any case:

    Landing Page Development:

    • Your market analysis and competitors check
    • Target and analysis of your potential audience
    • Individual design solution
    • Adaptation, unique website assembly and test
    • Quizzed questionnaires, after contact sales and actions pages

    Context ADs:

    • Competitors analysis and analytics
    • Unique Trade Offer development
    • Semantic collection
    • Creation of ADs for search bar and graphic contents
    • The adjustment of ADs campaigns at Google and Yandex
    • Retargeting and re-marketing

    Targeted ADs:

    • The identification of your audience and your perfect client model
    • Parsing and collection, as well as the forming of your audience
    • Creative graphic development
    • SMM target adjustment
    • Optimization and upscale the hypothesis of work models of your business

    CRM interactions:

    • Analysis of business processes
    • The creation of sales channels
    • Integration of your websites, social media profiles and mails
    • Automation of actions
    • The general control of your managers plus reports


    • Digital concept development
    • The scripting and recording of phone calls and sales
    • Email marketing

    Why do I need that?

    The key factor of any business is profit. Our agency of marketing is always happy to help you out with a lead generation opportunity. We do share your goals and we divide our work into sections where we imply to achieve the following:

    • Overtake the 95% of competitors who are using only 5% of their opportunities
    • Creating of a fast and moving dynamically strategy to attract clients in a stable way.
    • The return of investment and reinvesting it with 150% of return
    • Return those who isn’t ready to buy now
    • Create the need of your services who wasn’t interested really
    • Get a bigger number of orders just because of a better visual design of the package

    Wanting and wondering how to increase the profit? Get a free audition of your website and ADs you do!

    We are going to analyze the website, see how you can increase the conversion via the selling offers and capture screen forms. We will prepare the quality analysis of your ADs, correct your mistakes and appoint the way to grow. This includes the target ADs as well.

    ? Bonus: check-list of your independent check of marketing

      Full cycle of marketing agency works

      Your audience analysis

      If you are to sell on internet, you should know who you sell and what are their fears and needs.

      We will prepare the portrait of your audience, find them on forums and will find out more about their fears, the main triggers not to buy.


      Question POP UPs help us the get the requests from the cold audience. Those, who are already in need of your service or good will go to another landing pages, so we get our hot clients as well.

      Our agency does multiple landing pages website and online stores with a complete and functioning basket for online purchases.

      ADs channels

      You get your clients via them. The ADs start within different workframes, different sources will allow us to understand which of channels is most effective in your case. We then go for the priority of it.

      • Search bar console at Yandex.Direct and Google ADs bring us hot clients with a formed targeted inquiry.
      • Banner AD – clients of different kind and client return
      • Targeted ADs in social media – warming up your audience to create the better interest
      • The promotion and SEO optimization

      CRM implementation

      When getting the request, it is important to continue a good work for the conversion or purchase moment. If your sales department forget to send the offer, call or simply lose the request then the probability of sales is decreasing and you can forget about purchase at all.

      • You won’t lose money because of the irresponsible managers.
      • You’ll easily sell to repeated clients
      • You will be able to digitize the effiency of every manager
      • Automation of your emails, texts (SMS) and commerce offers
      • The ability to show different ADs to your potential clients on different stages.

      The individual content for everyone

      It is very important to create the unique way of client. Once the request is formed and shown via your AD and on your website, the ADs should be flexible with ADs titles that increase the sales by 27%. Depending on the client search thing the expertise and trust is growing.


      The landing page with a good direct AD won’t always guarantee the result. Therefore, we do re-targeting campaigns that let those who visited your website get a special discount offer or free time or anything like that which will help to retain the client.

      Phone scripts

      Analysis of your phone conversations with clients and creation of stage scripts with closure of all possible objections. The agency will create the ideal script to lead the most efficient conversation to purchase your service or product.

      Email marketing

      Automated mailer depending on your segment. Left the request got an email pushing to purchase. Denied the purchase – got another content that is uselful, so creating the interested and return him to the chain. We will form the interest even for those who’s just visiting the website.

      Business cases and results of work

      We have got a number of clients at our agency IMA, who have been doing the marketing with us for several years. We’ve got admited by top Media – vs and cossa, with the useful instructions. We have got a Youtube video channel where we put some videos about the marketing on Internet. The founder of the agency is a public speaker of small businesses of Moscow for the topic of complex client attraction.

      From 150₽ lead price
      292 leads received

      104₽ lead price
      6 months’ work

      217₽ lead price
      1021 leads received

      213₽ lead price
      1887 received leads for 2 years

      Why do I want to use the services of IMA Agency

      Our agency of internet marketing will help to work out the chain of work with the client – from the first contact till the repeated sales. We will re-create the path you can’t get off from. The website visitor will become your client for sure.

      We do not take every project, but those, we are sure bring some help and we can help to grow.

      The agency is located in Moscow, so we are always ready for hot meeting and discussions. You can always keep an eye on the progress of your processes and results. You won’t need to wait long. Your personal marketing manager is always available to communicate via messengers.

      We’ve got hot specialists and professionals with many years of experience. Technical guys who keep deadlines and do work painstakingly. If you are to create your website as well as promote it to the best, you should contact the Agency IMA.

      We do the great kind of analysis of what channels you should try. We are always happy to offer the most efficient plan to go with. We are flexible with it.

      We get those who had a negative experience with similar agencies before. We are ready to show the difference.

      You can always order the ADs for your website on internet, fix the appointment in our office.

      Our team

      Gathering the specialists of different nature, but united by a common goal – is a hard task to do. We’ve tackled the task within time.

      Working with us now, you are tackling this task at the same time, so you get the number of professionals working on this question.

      • Making a website, we do have a common chat for creating the most moving concept.
      • Attracting new clients, our programmer does corrections in Unique Trade Offer on the website as well as the specialist of content makes the most of it by analyzing the situation and its growth.
      • The SMM specialist does everything suitable for social media works.

      You get the expertise of every level working with our agency.

      Дмитрий Прусов

      Dmitry Prusov

      Internet marketing expert

      I’m responsible for the target achievements

      I do create the system of a client involvement

      I do guarantee the results and happy to answer your questions

      In our personal meeting, I’ll be delighted to explain the possible way of how our project will move on every stage. So be ready for the sales growth

      Evgenoy Reshetnikov

      Design and layout

      I’m responsible for the design and perfectionism of a picture

      I do layouts for the screens of all sizes, including mobile optimization

      I’m up to any sort of desires and wishes. Every effect is possible

      Sometimes people do not know what exactly they want and having years of experience, I’ll be glad to offer the most of it.

      Геннадий Александрин

      Gennadiy Aleksandrin

      Adjustment and analytics of ADs

      I’m doing a right way of adjustments

      Yandex Direct and Google ADs is my world

      Analytics and optimization of results

      I’m always showing what’s going on with your ADs and why we do it this way. My key task is the first month adjustment to achieve the most of the quality leads.

      Yury Nikolaev

      SMM and targeting

      Targeted ADs on FB, Instagram and

      Fullfilment and packaging for social media

      Trying the creativity in a way to test the hypothesis of audience and its formation

      Many of modern entrepreneurship has no clue of how their audience looks like. It is important to form and find the right one, using the individual offers for the separate groups.

      Our clients feedbacks

      Фдам, Франшиза бара Пивной двор,


      bar franchise,

      My name is Adam, Beer Yard company. We have been working with Dmitry for 3 months now. The Agency IMA team created the website, set up contextual and targeted advertising. During this time, we already have a result, despite the fact that we have a complex product and high investments in opening a bar. I can note the high professionalism, careful attitude to our feedback and improvement based on it. He listens to comments and promptly answers all questions that arise, and this is very pleasing! We hope for even greater results, strive for the best and strongly recommend cooperation with Dmitry and his team.


      Cortege Auto company, taxi license

      Good day. My name is Alexey, Cortege Auto company. We deal with taxi licenses. Previously, we had ads in Yandex and the number of calls did not exceed 30 per day. After setting up in AgencyIMA, we received about twice as many calls, without increasing the budget. By reconfiguring advertising in Yandex and transferring it to Google.


      Clinker Prom company, building materials,

      My name is Grigory, the head of the Clinker Prom company. I have been working with Dmitry for a long time on setting up Direct and Adwords. How I started to work- colleagues recommended you to me and what attracted me more was that Dmitry recorded a video analysis of me company. I did it right away and saw the result. I didn’t think any further and passed the advertisement on. These are Direct, Market, Adwords and Merchant.


      Ambition Reform Online Course,

      My name is Alisa Starovoitova. I am the founder of the MGIMO public speaking school and the Reform Lab laboratory of public speaking and acting. I recently did my Ambition Reform course. And when I thought about making a website, I realized that it must certainly be ambitious. Then I turned to Agency IMA. Natalia is a copywriter- just a bomb, Evgeny- made a very cool design, Dmitry- I liked him as a leader and producer. I recommend Agency IMA to everyone as experts in website development.


      Piushop children’s toys store,

      Good day. My name is Egor, I am the owner of the Piushop children’s toys store. I wanted to talk about working with IMA Agency. These guys made a contextual kernel for us and they managed to show good results in selling children’s toys. I would like to recommend this agency as reliable guys who know their business and scrupulously do the things that we have entrusted to them. I would also like to note, working with a number of other performers- these guys got the best result. I am ready to personally give recommendations if necessary.


      13 rules bar, beer bars franchise,

      My name is Dmitry, co-owner of 13 rule bars. We have worked hard to create a landing page aimed at selling bar franchises. The previous project was- setting up and maintaining advertising. The first thing that was done was the creation of a text marketing prototype. Then we made a unique design and layout. The main request was- a fast and readable landing page on the mobile version. In general, everyone I showed the landing page to was told that it reads well. And for me it is important that the conversion has increased from 1,2% to 2,5-3%.


      Rulium company, automatic closers,

      Sergey, head of Rulium company. For Sergey, we developed a website and advertising in Yandex and Google. Dima is responsible person, he promptly did and responded to our requests and recommendations. As a start-up company, we were satisfied with the prices. Probably, it could have been done cooler, but in terms of price and quality, everything was fine. I think we will continue to work on new projects.

      The prices of our services

      The final price is made out of many factors that form the complexity of our work. Quick test is simplier than a complete digital solution with a number of pages and sources of clients.
      We make the difference when it comes to the upscale of your business with the most return of your investment in ADs.

      Quick start

      650 $

      Hypothesis test and analytics of ADs channels.

      Landing up to 5 screens

      Quiz pop up form

      Targeted AD on Yandex

      Targeted AD on

      System of sales

      1050 $

      Complex start of your ADs including the manager control and clients reports.

      Landing up to 10 screens

      Question POP up forms

      Re-targeting pages

      ADs at Yandex and Google

      FB and Instagram ADs

      CRM implementation

      1 month support

      Profit maximizer

      1600 $

      Programme Maximum. In-depth look at every possible spot of profit.

      All services from the sales system

      A/B test

      Phone script

      CRM marketing

      1 month support

      Address: Москва, пр-д Серебрякова, д.14, стр.15